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Xcode - symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64

So, I dabbled in Objective-C the other day, trying to use JSONModel to parse the following JSON to an Objective-C object named AppConfig:

    "SpotifyClientId": "[SpotifyClientId]",
    "SpotifyClientSecret": "[SpotifyClientSecret]",
    "YouTubeServiceId": "[YouTubeServiceId]"

Sounds straightforward.

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Funniest iOS 11 bug on iPhone X

So you know that all software sucks, right? iOS 11 is the best mobile operating system in the world, but it too has bugs. Funny bugs. Like this:

Another day, another radar.

A weekend with iPhone X

Apple did good and delivered my iPhone X on Friday November 3. and I’ve had an entire weekend to enjoy this technological marvel.

This is my trip report.

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Enabling https on a Jekyll site

The attentive reader has already noticed that finally is served over https. Even though this is a wholly static website written using Jekyll, you my dear readers, deserve your privacy.

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Xamarin.iOS - failed to load ObjCRuntime.Runtime

I’m updating my Golden Ratio Calculator app to be ready for iPhone X.

The app is built using Xamarin Forms. After updating the packages and building the solution, I tried running it on my iPhone 7 with iOS 11. This error was the result:

Xamarin.iOS: Fatal error: failed to load the class 'ObjCRuntime.Runtime'

After getting zero hits on Google, I deleted the bin and obj folders and rebuilt the app.

Success, as if by magic.

The old adage from the IT Crowd still holds true.

Testing Azure Blob Storage using xUnit

Azure Blob Storage is persistent cloud data storage for any kind of unstructured data. Slack Profilebot uses this service to store a whitelist of users with incomplete profiles that should not be reminded to update their profiles. Every user is represented by a file containing that user’s id. This is complete overkill, I know, but it served a purpose. It taught me both how to use and test Blob Storage.

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Two Xamarin.iOS build errors

I’m creating a new Xamarin Forms app using a PCL-project for shared code and an iOS project for the iOS specific details. After a short hiatus, I upgraded to Visual Studio for Mac version 7.0.1 for a nice morning of coding. No such luck, the iOS project would not build.

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Make the macOS firewall to permanently allow iOS apps running in the simulator

macOS has an awesome firewall, however the default setting is very harsh for us iOS developers.

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Profilebot - the profile checking Slackbot for you!

In a large Slack team, it’s important that user profiles are completed enough for the users to recognise each other. Profilebot is a simple bot used for validating Slack user profiles. It is written in C# and it’s easy to extend for all your profile checking needs. It runs out of the box either as a console app (Windows) or a Windows service.

See the source on GitHub.

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Open folder in Visual Studio Code from the Finder

When working on many simultaneous projects with Visual Studio Code (VS Code), it is convenient having a fast way of opening the project folders. With the open from the terminal shell extension, and the macOS service below, your project folders can be opened from both the Terminal and the Finder.

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