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Ratio Calculator Pro - Find Your Your Golden Ratio

Ratio Calculator Pro calculates the width or height of a rectangle using the golden ratio, the silver ratio or any other ratio of your choice. You have the length of one side, Ratio Calculator Pro finds the other!

Using 3D-touch, the most used ratios are available as Quick Actions from the home screen. Press deeply on the Golden Ratio icon and gain access to your favourite ratio in only one click.

"The Golden Ratio is just as useful as Pi. Your calculator is just what I was looking for. I could do the same thing with a Calculator or a Slip Stick but your App is SO much faster. THANK YOU!"
— Paul K. Bowden

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The golden ratio is a special number approximately equal to 1.618. It appears many times in geometry, art, architecture and other areas, often with pleasing results. It has been called divine proportion due to its numerous occurrences in nature.

Golden ratio

Easily calculate the gold...

Silver ratio

... silver...

Any other ratio

... or any other ratio!

The silver ratio arises in many mathematical and geometric expressions. The name is an allusion to the golden ratio; analogously to the way the golden ratio is the limiting ratio of consecutive Fibonacci numbers, the silver ratio is the limiting ratio of consecutive Pell numbers.

The bronze ratio is often used in origami for making shapes with 30°, 60° or 120° angles.

The Yamato ratio is the ratio used for the face of a Buddha statue, Japanese architecture, sculptures and flower arrangements.

All these ratios make the app incredibly useful while doing design or layout work.

Do you have a favourite ratio that is not yet in the app? Let me know.



  • Better support for iPhone X
  • Adjusted look and feel to align better with iOS 11


  • Improved experience while rotating the rectangle quickly multiple times in sequence