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Book Barcode Scanner for iBooks, Amazon Kindle and Google Books

Book Barcode Scanner

Book Scanner quickly scans book barcodes (ISBN) and finds the books on iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Google Books or in other sources.

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Book Scanner quickly scans book barcodes (ISBN) and finds the books on iBooks or in other sources. Simply hold up a book’s barcode to iPhone’s camera and Book Scanner will scan it automatically. Book Scanner remembers your scanned books and you can buy them on iBooks at your convenience.

Scan a book

Scan a book

Buy it if you want

Buy it if you want

View all scanned books

View all scanned books

Go Premium and gain access to a multitude of other sources, including Amazon Kindle, Google Books and the Norwegian National Library. You can choose the ordering within the sources yourself, creating a custom experience just for you. Use your favourite ebook-source and start digitising your library. The books can be bought easily through most of the sources.

Scanning book barcodes is faster than a manual search. Never forget the name of a good book again! Book Scanner is very useful in bookstores, while digitising your own library or in other places where good books can be found.


  • Quickly scan ISBN barcodes.
  • Buy iBooks directly from within the app.
  • History lets you scan books and save them for later. Great when you are in a hurry at a store!
  • Go Premium! Adds support for Amazon Kindle, Google Books and the Norwegian National Library as book sources and removes ads. Buy Premium as an in-app purchase through Settings or scan a book not present on iBooks. Book Scanner will remember books found through premium sources if you decide to go Premium at a later time. The book sources can ordered as you please, creating a custom experience just for you.
  • Share a scanned book with your friends through iOS8 extensions.
  • Use Book Scanner to manage your citations! Export book details in either plain text, BibTeX or Markdown.
  • The Today Widget gives you easy access to the latest scanned book.
  • Use the flashlight to enable scanning in low light situations.



Introducing the most requested feature of all, support for Amazon as a book source:

  • Amazon will be used as a Premium book source.
  • The ordering of the sources can be changed for Premium customers. Like the results from Google Books better than Amazon? No problem!
  • View more information about almost any book, even if it does not exist in iBooks.
  • The Settings screen contains links to all my other apps.


  • BibTeX citations uses and instead of & if a book has multiple authors.
  • Book Scanner can be started from the today widget even if no book has ever been scanned.
  • While tweeting feedback about the app, the app icon and link could sometimes be submitted with it using vital tweeting characters.
  • Books on iBooks not available in your country will now open the iBooks app instead of showing an indefinite loading graphic.