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Azure for Non-Microsofties aka Azure 101

Scott Hanselman - @shanselman

Layers consists of different layers.


The marketing messaging of the different cloud providers are often too complex. Cloud enables the effective replication of data across different axis. Geographically redundant storage.

“Most of my career is just clicking CTRL+F5. And it’s gotten me so far”.

Separation of concerns! Don’t host your images on the web server. Edge caching. SRP in the Cloud.

Before: Get the biggest machine you can afford. In the cloud: Start with the most basic, go for the advanced stuff when you need it. Don’t lift and shift.

A VHD can be created locally, uploaded to Azure and mounted directly from Azure. Pretty cool. Create your own, simple CDN.

“Mailing lists belongs in the cloud. My mailing list ran like a Docker in my closet.”

“Microsoft wants the money from your for-loop. They don’t care what OS you use anymore”.

“Containers are cattle. We use them, we don’t love them.”

IaaS vs PaaS. Infrastructure as a Service vs Platform as a Service.

“Freakin’ Erlang”.

“The disk of your web host is not reliable”. Don’t put your files there.

“Virtual machines are like your first house. You need to maintain it!”


Stateless VMs, cloud apps: “It’s like Uber, you just destroy it and then you leave”.


“It has ASCII art, which means we’re not evil anymore”.

Scale up without thinking about the underlying machine. Using a slider.

Process explorer has a REST API now!

A tiny DOS prompt written in JavaScript. - learning from the dude who wrote the thing.