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Trondheim Developer Conference


Scott Hanselman - @shanselman

Microsoft has changed!

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Drones - From the Cloud and Back Again

Henning Pedersen - @Makeadrone -

Controllers are much improved in later years. The same is true for the guiding systems. Much of it is OSS.

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What does an Open Source Microsoft Web Platform look like?

Scott Hanselman - @shanselman

DasBlog runs the Hanselman blog. Only recently updated to .Net 4.5. There is hope for all of us.

This is the third time .Net has gone OSS. It’s different this time. Really. And I agree!

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Azure for Non-Microsofties aka Azure 101

Scott Hanselman - @shanselman

Layers consists of different layers.

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Software Design, Team Work and other man-made disasters

Adam Tornhill - @AdamTornhill

“Software development is a social activity”

Code reviews vs. you are not your code.

Constructive criticism.

You are your code, in order to improve we need to embrace this.

“We are anything but rational”

Pluralistic Ignorance - group bias where everyone public supports an idea that they don’t agree with in private. Common in every project.

Fight your biases.

Bias reducing social hacks. Assign the role of “Devils Advocate” in every discussion. Remember to rotate the role. Also scheduling a follow up meeting after taking important decisions. Prevent your emotions from dictating your decisions.

Base your decisions on data.

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Børge Lund - @floppaflakka

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Simple cross platform REST-service with .Net, Vagrant og Docker

My former Bachelor student and now co-worker, Andreas Mosti - @amostii, is an industrious young man. This was his first talk at Trondheim Developer Conference, but I doubt it will be his last.

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Keynote - TDC 2015

Seb Lee-Delisle - @seb_ly

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Martha Eike - @marthaeike

Hvordan kan utvikleren ivareta personvernet til den enkelte?

Privacy: you have the right to know where your personal information is stored and what it consists of.

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C++ - Where are we headed?

Hubert Matthews

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