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Closing Remarks: TDC 2015 Endnote Highlights

Scott Hanselman - @shanselman

Microsoft has changed!


The old org. chart.

On old programmers, really old programmers: “They have forgotten more about software development than I’ll ever know”.


We stand on the shoulders on the ones who came before us. Today, multiple problems are already solved. Scale your website using a slider.

A good cloud doesn’t care about language choice. If starting today, learn JavaScript and a systems language.

“If I can hear your HD, I don’t trust you”.

We live in the time of global dashboards.

VMs are disposable. Let the cloud do the work.

“My car is my backup phone battery”.


“We want an application platform” The browser becomes a VM.

Note to self: don’t run Java.


JavaScript, useful since the AJAX-days.

Always right click and look for “About Flash”. Flash doesn’t count.


You can do amazing things with JavaScript. JavaScript is an OS.

“JavaScript will eat the world”.


It’s a samurai on the cover. It’s because JavaScript is loosely typed!

“CoffeeScript is what Ruby folks wished JavaScript was like”.

“TypeScript is what C# folks wished JavaScript was like”.

But learn JavaScript first. “No one writes JavaScript anymore. They write jQuery”.

VanillaJS :)

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