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Software Philosopher

Beginner's Guide: Introduction to ASP.Net 5 Framework

Who cares about the web anyway?

ASP.Net 5 is more modular, more faster and more awesomerer. It’s built upon the .Net Core framework, is open source and can run on multiple platforms. It’s a parallel track together with ASP.Net 4.6. 4.6 is built upon the full framework.

Progress! Progress!

Node has pushed the team, and version 5 uses 90% less memory.

The core framework supports side by side deployment. Bye, bye monolith and .Net installer.

Yellow is open source. Yellow is open source.

References lives in the project.json file. Teamwork and SCM friendly. The content of the folder is included by default. .csproj-hell is a thing of the past.

ASP.Net 5 now builds itself and does not save the result to disk. The feedback loop is shorter.

bower.json handles the JavaScript frameworks. No more nuget wrapping.

Running on FreeBSD. Running on FreeBSD. And on everybody's favourite OS. And on everybody's favourite OS.