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How to edit the Open Folder in Visual Studio Code macOS service

Got a question from andrewb273 on GitHub regarding my macOS service which opens a folder in Visual Studio Code:

Can you add the source code for this extension and instructions on building it?


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Import books from Amazon to Goodreads on iOS

A new year has dawned, bringing with it the possibility of being even more efficient. One of the things I did a lot last year, was entering books in Goodreads found in links from Amazon. I did this manually (ouch), searching for the book’s name in the Goodreads website or app.


Inspired by this thread, I created an iOS workflow which takes an Amazon URL from any source, extracts the Amazon ID and searches for the corresponding book on the Goodreads website or app (if installed).

Import this workflow into the Workflow app and use Run Workflow from any app with an Amazon URL, Safari for example.

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Open folder in Visual Studio Code from the Finder

When working on many simultaneous projects with Visual Studio Code (VS Code), it is convenient having a fast way of opening the project folders. With the open from the terminal shell extension, and the macOS service below, your project folders can be opened from both the Terminal and the Finder.

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