Runar Ovesen Hjerpbakk

Software Philosopher

Book Scanner 2020.1 - a new version of the iOS app

Book Scanner version 2020.1 is ready for iOS 13 and dark mode! I’ve also added a lot of improvements based on your feedback.

Premium users receives the following goodies:

  • Added the ISBN Database as a book source. Book Scanner should now find even more obscure titles
  • All book sources can now be re-ordered, not only Apple Books, Amazon or Google Books
  • The source websites of books from other sources than Apple Books can now be opened within the app

In addition, everybody gets:

  • Support for iOS 13 dark mode
  • The list of all scanned books can now be exported and shared
  • Also improved sharing text when sharing a single book
  • Introduced optional haptic feedback throughout Book Scanner
  • Book Scanner should behave better when iPhone has a flaky Internet connection

And some bugs where squeezed too, sorry about those:

  • Fixed access to Amazon that was missing for some users
  • Fixed a crash bug that could manifest when a book was shared
  • Removed ISBN Search as a book source

Book Scanner in the App Store