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How to edit the Open Folder in Visual Studio Code macOS service

Got a question from andrewb273 on GitHub regarding my macOS service which opens a folder in Visual Studio Code:

Can you add the source code for this extension and instructions on building it?


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Shrinking a Raspbian installation to save space

Yet another Pi post!

When I put Raspbian on the SD card used by my Raspberry Pi, I used the Raspbian Stretch with desktop version. That was perhaps a poor choice on my part, as I use the machine as a headless server. However, I’m not that skilled with Desktop Linux, so the mere fact that there were buttons to push during the installation and stuff actually worked, made me feel like a pro.

All those packages that I’ll never use, like LibreOffice, still take up precious space, so I wrote a simple script to remove some of them.

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Automatically update and upgrade Raspbian

Continuing the theme of last night, today I improved the upgrade experience of my Raspberry Pi.

Manual upgrade

As per the documentation, update and upgrade are as easy as running these two commands. First update your system’s package list:

sudo apt -y update

Then upgrade all installed packages to their latest version:

sudo apt -y dist-upgrade

I use -y to answer yes to all prompts by default. Easy enough, but in our modern DevOpsy world, we need to automate this.

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