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Visual Studio Code failed to start on macOS

One day Visual Studio Code (VS Code) did not start on my Mac.

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Bartender organizes your menu bar apps

Not only does this app have the most awesome name, it’s also extremely useful! Bartender enables you to show, hide or remove macOS menu bar items giving your desktop that clean look you’re craving.

This is my menu bar right now, containing only my most used menu bar items.

Bartender organizes your menu bar items

The dotted button is the Bartender menu bar item. Push it to toggle the Bartender menu to reveal the hidden items:

The Bartender menu

My menu bar went from trash heap to Zen garden in an instant 😃

Rocket is my new favourite macOS app

Rocket is my new favorite app for macOS. It provides Slack-style emoji in any app! It lives in the menu bar and simply pops up a palette whenever you type a colon. Thus giving you the option of inserting a clarifying emoji or a snarky gif wherever you want.

I mean, look at it:

Slack-style emoji throughout macOS

Thinking different about groups and tags in DevonThink

I’ve ditched Evernote as a knowledge manager and I’m now trying out DEVONthink for macOS and iOS.

Thus, I’ve been pondering the difference between groups (folders) and tags, and when either should be used. Arno had an interesting take:

Think of the group structure in a DevonThink database as a catalog rather than as the place where your documents are stored

Use DevonThink’s groups to tag your documents by topic

Use DevonThink’s tags to flag documents for special purposes

Using groups to store documents by topic and tags to actualize them while working on projects is something I’ll try from now on.

Open folder in Visual Studio Code from the Finder

As a Christmas gift for you my dear readers, I’ve fixed the bug you all wanted to be fixed. Now the Open in Visual Studio Code macOS service no longer opens a previously opened folder together with the folder you wanted.

Thus, this service now works as advertised! Happy coding 😉

Right click on folder to open in Visual Studio Code

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Make the macOS firewall to permanently allow iOS apps running in the simulator

macOS has an awesome firewall, however the default setting is very harsh for us iOS developers.

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Open folder in Visual Studio Code from the Finder

When working on many simultaneous projects with Visual Studio Code (VS Code), it is convenient having a fast way of opening the project folders. With the open from the terminal shell extension, and the macOS service below, your project folders can be opened from both the Terminal and the Finder.

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